Joseph Deeks1

#780, (25 December 1825-26 July 1879)
Birth*25 DEC 1825 Joseph Deeks was born on 25 DEC 1825 at Guildford, Surrey, EnglandG.1 
Marriage*27 JAN 1846 He married Harriet Gatrell, daughter of Joseph Gatrell and Mary Strotten, on 27 JAN 1846 at St Pancras, London, EnglandG.2 
Occupation*30 MAR 1861 The occupation of Joseph Deeks was 'Shoemaker.3
Residence*30 MAR 1861 He and Harriet Gatrell lived at 2 Circus Street, Marylebone, London, EnglandG, together with Mary Louise Deeks, Frederick Deeks, Sophia Harriet Deeks and Edith Deeks.3 
(Witness) Marriage12 APR 1873 Joseph Deeks witnessed the marriage of John Hare Willmore and Sophia Harriet Deeks on 12 APR 1873 at Christ Church, Marylebone, London, EnglandG.4,5 
Death*26 JUL 1879 Joseph Deeks died on 26 JUL 1879 at Kensington, London, EnglandG, aged 53.6 


Harriet Gatrell b. 22 Mar 1821, d. 26 Dec 1876
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