From Surrey &West Kent

The known surnames of persons in this group to 5th cousin level are; Stacey, Hall, Streatfield, Deane, Titchener, Titcomb, Meekhams & Moyer.

The Stacey links older than William Stacey, #233 who married Eleanor Streatfield, #234, have been problematic earlier in my research, and, before DNA, there were thought to be baptisms that showed a link to the Godstone area. Researchers of the Godstone Staceys said it was not likely but a number of matches with other Stacey descendants suggests there are links to these Staceys of Godstone or nearby such as Bletchingley, Merstham and Burstow, of which there are many.  

For example there is a Stacey, from South Australia who has matches to me on Ancestry and MyHeritage with a tree showing links to Staceys from Richmond, Surrey, but also Nutfield. The oldest one is from Putney in 1769.  On MyHeritage the suggested link is to William Stacey & Sarah Hall from Horne & Godstone and it may be that the suggested link back to Putney is an error. 

The person who has done the most research and has a number of DNA tests on Ancestry and MyHeritage is Ross Stacey from Adelaide and he is working on the Staceys generally.  In addition a cousin of his is doing detailed DNA analysis with a number of Stacey relatives which may also help to clarify the relationships around 1800.  The matches for this group are on chromosome 11 with a B37 start at 68570000 and two have matches on chromosome 14 with a B37 start above 32540000.

My cluster analysis shows two persons with the test names of 1_leeford & connie woolcock

In the meantime the matches that I have looked at link back to Michael Stacey of Godstone but another examination of the records suggest that this Michael and our ancestor William may have come from Blechingley next door to Godstone and have different parents. This link is from a DNA match to Richard Anthony Parrett, a descendant of Michael Stacey, #1433.  There is also another ThruLines link from Michael Stacey, #1824, b. 1740 to a Geraldine Schaer, mother Vera Violet Devall but the links are private. match at 13cM on 1 segment.

The Streatfield links are discussed in the Wansbury group and is now confirmed by a number of matches.

The other surnames in this group have not yet appeared in DNA matches.  The Titcheners would be of particular interest having originated well away from the other families. Some surnames that have come up in searches among matches include Meekins, Ryder, Giles and Revere.  The Meekins match at 19cM on 2 segments is quite significant.

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