These pages describe the origins, work, and background, in time and place, of some of the people, places  and families on the site. 

Some of these stories and 'facts' are unverified, while others have proved to have had kernels of truth buried in them.  Other stories are distilled from the research itself, including the occupations recorded on census forms and birth, marriage and death certificates.  Maps are being added showing places if interest; the markers will show detail when clicked on.

My father, Frank Jefferies, and several other family members have left descriptions of their lives and passed on rumours and family legends about events in the distant past. Others left diaries and other notes which are digitised and the originals stored with the family in Bath for safe keeping. 

This is a work in progress, texts will be amended and expanded, and more pages will be added over time.

Revised 29 June 2021

Jefferies ancestors

Marilyn Mead's ancestors